"The scientific approach to coaching my clients to heart health includes teaching the body to burn fat, reducing oxidative stress, and balancing our stress response. Learning how to do these things gives them health, and freedom from fear of poor health."

Exclusive free training with Dr. Stephen Hussey:


- The 3 easy steps to a high-performing heart.


- My own health story and how it will help you in your journey to health. 


- The true causes of heart attacks and what heart disease really is. 


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The Health Evolution

It's time for vitality and a healthier planet, beginning with understanding.

The Heart Course

In this course you'll learn:

- The true history of heart disease

- How the heart is not a true pressure propulsion pump

- The actual role the heart plays in the body 

- Why a heart attack is not caused by high cholesterol or a blocked artery

- What 3 things TRULY cause heart disease

- The top strategies to prevent a heart attack

And so much more!

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